December 29, 2010

Why Yes... My Camera is Larger Than the Size Of My Head.

I cannot believe Christmas has already passed!  Where did the time go?  I did so much crafting up until about 11:45 Christmas eve. Christmas is always so full of tradition…one being that my mom always gives me a “special ornament” when we put up our Christmas tree.  This year it was an ornament with a fall colored tree on it.  Fall is my absolute favorite season.  Under the tree wrapped especially for me this year included quite a few Anthropologie gift cards, a Hobby Lobby gift card, a couple of dresses, and a Fuji Instax 210 camera! Such lovely things I am fortunate to have! I already used one gift card at Anthropologie to buy this beautiful cardigan and a teacup.  I have already been wearing the dresses of course while trying out my camera. And yes… the camera is as big as my head, but produces such wonderful pictures that look antiqued.  Perfection.

However, Christmas didn’t just bring gifts.  It also brought family and friends.  My cousin Andrew arrived from New York a few days before Christmas, as well as Charles Remington III (my cousins new miniature poodle).  Of course he and his counterpart Maggie were dressed appropriately in Santa suits for the holidays.

It’s strange to realize that you’re getting older as your friends are starting new adventures in their life all across the country.  I miss them dearly, but it is so good to have them home for the holidays and catch up.  I also bid adieu to one of my friends as she goes off to live in New York.  Her send off party brought together many old friends as well.

New years is just around the corner.  I have so many goals to accomplish this next year, a few of which include…

1.  Complete the many ideas I have for art projects. 
2.  Learn to be less stubborn and exercise patience. 
3.  Find an internship for next summer. 
4.  Watch the sunrise on a hilltop. 
5.  Have some epic adventures with friends. 
6.  Learn to play at least the basic chords on a guitar. 
7.  Secure tickets to Lollapalooza. 
8.  Find more opportunities to sing around town and compile a list of songs for another album. 
9.  Watch an ever-growing list of movies that I have gathered. 
10.  Look at everything that comes my way with a positive outlook and smile always.  Do not be afraid to laugh at myself (like when you walk through cement), and dance when everyone is watching.  (I often have the urge to burst out into song or dance in public…and I never do it…and I really just should…when appropriate.)
 I have so many goals for next year, but those are just a few. What are yours?

I feel as though I want to list a song that I have listened to or have been inspired by each time I post.  This week, though not a holiday tune, I have repeatedly played “Gone In the Morning” by Newton Faulkner.  I don’t know what it is I like about this song…but it makes me happy! Enjoy.  Don’t worry. I will soon be posting many photos that have inspired me in the last week. Happy Wednesday!

December 23, 2010

I Lost My Xanga...So I Got A Blog.

Alright, you caught me.  I started a blog...along with the rest of the world.  I was coerced.  I'm not very good at keeping up with things like this, but who knows.  It might just be another outlet I can utilize...or whatever it is kids use these days to replace xanga.  I must warn you now, I can be extremely wordy...or other times have nothing to say at all.  But you probably are just wondering who I am.  

When asked to describe myself, I generally use the word "real".  I am currently an apparel merchandising major at Oklahoma State University.  I'm a sarcastic, rather blunt individual who enjoys dry humor.  I am completely inspired and in awe of God's beauty.  Nature and the outdoors speak to me the most.  (I adore trees...especially weeping willows.) I have a passion for singing jazz music (any genre... but I prefer might see me singing out around Tulsa sometime).  I couldn't live without music of all kinds...except country...that I could live without.  I also enjoy dancing and acting.  I am mesmerized by art in all forms.  The different cultures of the world captivate me.  Crafting, sewing, and creating is a huge part of who I am.  But the thing that gets me through the day and feeds my souls as I grow through this life is Christ.  As I go through life's journey I have many goals I wish to accomplish (bucket list included).  You will hear of these in the coming months I'm sure, along with lists upon lists of things I love and hate.  I'm a list maker of all sorts.  I hope you don't mind a bit of sarcasm! I sort of say exactly what I think at times.  I'm a people watcher with many opinions and curiosities as to who people are and how they think and show emotion.  I'm curious, but quietly so.  I'm not much of a talker, more of a thinker and a writer as you can see.  I guess this also means I'll have to start taking pictures of myself like every other blogger... oh how I am not photogenic... 

What do I want this blog to look like? 
I sort of want it to be a combination of things.  As I said, I love art, music, fashion, dance, theatre, people, and nature.  I will probably just share my thoughts on these things, or random things I think of and see throughout the day.  I enjoy humorous anecdotes.  I intend to post inspiring photographs, songs that I'm currently loving, and trends in fashion, and whatever else I feel like putting on here.  It's a take it or leave it sort of thing.  You might hate it one day and love it the next... and I also might forget I have this and post infrequently on accident! :) We'll see how this whole blogging thing goes.  It's sort of a preparation for owning my own store one day and learning to blog it all.  Thank you Elsie Flannigan for being such an inspiration!!  If only I had a lovely name like her...oh well...maybe someday!  I hope you will enjoy peering through my lovely looking glass for a time.