July 12, 2012

The Dancers In My Head

Obviously God has placed a deep passion in me for music and lately the dancers in my head have been going crazy! Music is a bit of everything: a comfort, a release, a healing calm, a joyous chant, a dance, a contemplative thought.  I often wish I could burst out into a dance in the middle of the street.  And why not? What am I afraid of? Showing happiness? Concern for what people will think? God created that longing to move in my heart, so why do I bottle it up like someone trying to conceal a nervous tick? It may not turn out beautiful, but it's how I feel.  Choreography and movements are the emotions I cannot speak or lack in words.  I hear a chord strike and my head jolts, my body craves, shakes, and contorts.  I can't sit still.  My feet tap, my hair wants to flow, my shoulders contract, fingers make small gestures full of meaning.  It is all kinds of music to, not just one or another that warrants a worthy amount of dance.  I will resolve to dance: to allow myself to truly live and feel intricately.  

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