July 6, 2012

Hey Look What I Made: Stars & Stripes Shorts

A few months back my little and I decided to head to the Salvation army to get some old mom jeans to turn into some rad Fourth of July shorts. Needless to say, the trip to the dressing room was quite laughable as most of these jeans looked straight out of the 80s and 90s.  I settled for some high waisted, light wash denim for a mere $6.00.  Then we went to Hobby Lobby to get star stickers and Tulip fabric spray paint in red, white and blue. 
First, we folded the jeans in half and cut them to the desired length for shorts. We left a little room so the edges could fray. Next, we taped off all the edges of the shorts that we didn't want to get color on. We painted both sides of the shorts completely white.  Then on one side we laid painter's tape down for the stripes and proceeded to use the red spray paint to fill in the gaps. After that dried, we removed the painter's tape and voila! Stripes! On the other side, we laid down star stickers wherever we desired.  Then blue was sprayed all over this side.  Once it was dried we removed the stickers.  After the paint had dried a little, we took sandpaper sheets to the top to rough it up, give it a vintage look, and make it less stiff. We also washed it after it dried completely.  
I will say, our first mishap was trying to wash the shorts after we had done the first layer of white. Needless to say, somehow one side came completely off (I'm not sure we let it dry enough), and the other side was still perfectly white. Trial and error, I suppose. 
Many of my friends asked me how to do this after we posted pictures from our adventure in stars and stripes. Some of their photos turned out pretty cute as well.  Everyone's looked pretty different depending on their style of shorts, the paint they used, and which way they chose to put the stars and stripes. If you're feeling crafty for a patriotic event, I recommend these. They were easy to do and I got lots of compliments on them! :) Hope you all had a happy fourth! 

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