January 14, 2011

I Think I Stare Too Much

People watching is an interesting thing.  I probably do it way too often…actually I do.  I don’t know what it is, but the way some think and react to life’s situations is absolutely intriguing to me.  One of my professors was talking about how in order to trend forecast, these forecasters will sit in coffee shops and restaurants by the window and simply people watch.  At that moment, I was like PERFECT, if all else fails, I know my degree qualifies me to people watch—which I’m already an expert at.  Then I thought to myself, maybe this isn’t good because too often my curiosity gets the best of me and I want to know more about these people that I spend time wondering at—what they do and enjoy doing, what their lifestyle is, why they carry themselves the way they do, why their mannerisms make them who they are, if their faces speak exactly what they’re thinking or feeling, what they believe, and what they want to or think they offer this world. Everyone is unique and I wonder at the reality that we’re all completely different in so many aspects, and yet when you stop and think about it we are so similar in other ways. Just a thought for the day.  …I’m also wondering why the older man who just stopped me in Starbucks to ask me if I was a cheerleader thought I resembled one…
*Fun game: Put your iPod on shuffle as people walk by and change the song every time you watch someone new: click next until you find “that person’s theme song”. It’s rather entertaining. 

School began this week. 7:30 classes and I already do not get along. I guess the plus side I get great parking and I don’t have Friday classes…which will give me time to blog and be all crafty and whatnot. I also have lots of time in between classes, perfect time to read lots of books and people watch.  Is it just me, or when you walk to class do you feel like everyone is staring towards you? And then you stare back because you want to know what they’re looking at. Vicious cycle.

I am currently searching for an internship for the summer.  It is incredible to me how many places are out there that I have never heard of. The task of finding a great internship is so daunting.  I finally happened upon one with a description that read “looking for a creative, organized individual who is fun…and being cute is just a plus”.  I thought to myself… I’m creative. I’m overly organized. I’m fun!… I can be cute!! HIRE ME! Guess I can’t exactly put that on my resume.  However, if you know of any places looking to hire (preferably in the California, Seattle, Portland, or Colorado areas)… let me know.

On another note, I wish it was spring.  This 9 degree weather and I just are not agreeing. Also, spring makes me excited for nectarines.  Yes, you heard me right…I’m craving them already.

Today I am wearing a 70s inspired dress from Forever21, black tights, and vintage-inspired black suede heels courtesy of Franco Sarto. My roommate asked why I was so dressed up just to hang around all day, and I simply explained that I just felt like it. I’m tired of the cold. I suppose you could say I’m in defiance of Oklahoma weather.

Currently inspiring me: These videos... Thank you Gemma Booth.  

Be back sometime soon with some tunes that make me smile.

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  1. I hate wearing tights, they're so uncomfortable.