January 31, 2011

Feel Good Music.

Here is a mixtape I made upon a request for some of the music that I listen to. I listen to quite the variety of music, and I couldn't put it all on here. So, I pulled a playlist from my iTunes. The playlist is titled "mmmyes" on my iPod because it is compiled of what I like to call "feel good music".  It's that music that just makes you go..."yeah.. I just don't want this song to end." I'll admit, I don't always pay attention to the lyrics because I just like the beat or the melody, but others have really profound words and thoughts. Take a listen and decide for yourself. Maybe you need something to do during the coming "blizzard". :)


  1. I like the St. Vincent content of this playlist. And most of the rest of it too.

  2. I thought you might... I wasn't sure.