February 1, 2011

Inspiration: Movement. Art. Power. A Story.

I was snowed in... so I thought I'd share some more inspiration! Dance has always been a passion of mine, and an outlet for freedom of expression.  So, of course I watch So You Think You Can Dance. These are a few of my favorite dances that have either inspired me or tell a beautiful story through movement. I know it looks tacky with all these videos... but I feel the need to share... I'll try to categorize. Not all of the videos will work on here, so I put links. Enjoy the beauty. 

1. Hummingbird and Flower 
2. The Bench Dance
3. The Garden 

2.  Fix You
3.  If It Kills Me
4.  Gravity 
5.  The Bitter Earth 

1.  Hometown Glory
3. Mercy 

1.  Time Flies

1 comment:

  1. Very cool idea! My favorites: The Bitter Earth and Mercy.