February 28, 2011


 Hello there. It's been awhile. School has been busy, so I apologize for the delay. As I am still busy, I don't exactly have a clear vision for this post... just a bunch of things mushed up into one. The word mush comes to mind because this last week I got my roommate Andie hooked on cream of wheat. It looks like a heap of mush, but it's actually quite tasty. A comfort food. But that's beside the point. Springtime is coming. I can feel it. So, after Valentine's day I bought my absolute favorite flowers. Pink ones at that. Tulips! They covered my room. It was happy. Along with springtime comes Easter, and Wal-Mart is great at stocking Easter candies early... meaning I got Robin's Eggs (whoppers)! I am still waiting on the Sweet Tarts shaped like chickens and ducks to appear... February also brought Adele's new album. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should. It is fantastic!!! Well I don't have much else to post at the moment, but I will be back soon with the many ideas I have... I just needed a study break for now :) Enjoy!

Oh! I also finally got some silk scarves to wear! :)

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  1. I was planning on thrifting this weekend for silk scarves! Modcloth had a really great video tutorial for tying vintage scarves...pretty sure it's on Youtube. Love you!