February 13, 2011

The Little Things

I came across a magazine article over Christmas break called "One Small Thing." It asked, "what is the one small thing that makes you happy?"  The article listed things like umbrellas, puppies, hitting numerous green lights in a row, finding a stash of cash or finding post it notes that say "i love you".  Lately I've realized that you can't let all the little things in life that make you unhappy pile up and get to you.  Instead, we should look at all the little things that make us joyful.  I'd like to list a few of the tiny things that make me happy. 

1. Watching my mom make lists. She constantly gets onto me for making thousands of lists...but she does it herself! I blame her for my list-making.
2.  Finding candy in my backpack or purse that I forgot I put in there a few days ago.
3.  Seeing a beautiful sunrise in the morning on my way to class.  
4.  A smiling stranger. 
5.  Putting my iPod on shuffle and hearing a song that I love that I can sing loudly to that most other people would find embarrassing for you, or hate the song. 
6.  Unexpected letters. 
7.  The smell of rain. 
8. Crunching leaves and splashing in puddles. 
9.  Overhearing a funny conversation. 
10.  Hearing my dad laugh really hard at the scene in Dennis the Menace of Mr. Wilson slipping and flying around in the bathroom. 
11. Watching people laugh, smile, or sing to themselves. 
12. Knowing that a new holiday brings goodies I don't get all year long. Valentines day: candy hearts.  Halloween: candy corn. 
13.  Waking up to a good song. 
14.  Cuddling with my dog Jake. 

What small things make you happy?

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