March 6, 2011

A Bicycle Built for Two!

Last night was the Sigma Phi Lamb spring date party.  While I did not choose to actually bring a date, my lovely friend Amanda Moore and I went together.  As I am a girl, I believe getting ready for the event is generally one of the more exciting parts of the evening. We got ready and jammed out to some fantastic tunes. I attempted to do my curl my hair and pin it under for a 20's look, but it was just not happening (my hair likes to do things on a whim, when I don't need it to look good for something). So I pinned it half up and wore a lovely Fossil dress that my mother got for me for Valentine's Day.  Amanda and I went to Sonic, and freaked the car hop out as she kept snapping pictures of me while she was giving me my order.  Also, on our way to pick up our friend Emily, the Big Orange Bus, also known as BOB, thought it would be a good idea to pull in front of 4 lanes of traffic and just chill out for a minute. Needless to say, many pictures were taken.  It was a fun-filled evening. I will proceed to show many pictures below. 

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