March 17, 2011

A Taste of Spring

I have a new obsession. Italian sodas. I order raspberry ones at Aspen all the time.  One day I decided that I wanted to make them myself. So I told my cousin, Lauren, who loves to cook up new things that we should make them. We first went to Spiceology so that she could pick up a bottle of cardamom pods for her grapefruit/cardamom syrup.  I chose to make blackberry and raspberry sodas. All it takes is the fruit of your choice, club soda, sugar, water, and some half and half. I fully plan on making different kinds all summer long. So refreshing and delicious! We decided that if spring had a taste it would be the raspberry soda, and if summer had a taste it would be the blackberry.  Try it out!! You will soon find the recipe on Lauren's blog!
Making blackberry syrup!
Mmmm. Raspberries.
A watched pot never boils... and this is so true... because I kept standing over it... waiting and waiting. But then the final product and it was oh so tasty! Lauren's turned out really good too. I had never experienced cardamom before, but it was especially good with the grapefruit!  So, if you're ever bored you should give homemade italian sodas a try! It was so enjoyable to do something different for once... and I don't cook!!!

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  1. Love it! Wish I wouldn't have let you take the raspberry one with you!