March 14, 2011

A Red Velvet Weekend

I'll be honest, normally I don't get excited by meeting a celebrity or someone that everyone thinks is cool... but I was a little giddy when I got to meet the girl who gave me the inspiration to own a boutique full of handmade/vintage/local artists' designs.  Yes, this Saturday I met Elsie Flannigan. It was sort of surreal. I walked in thinking, "I know everything about your life because I follow your blog... but you have never seen or heard of me in your life." And of course, there she is, sitting at the cash wrap with her sister Emma!
I found the cutest little yellow 60's dress. I can't wait to wear it with a colorful silk scarf! 
They had the perfect selection of vintage dresses, coats, wedding gowns, belts, scarves, jewelry, and flatware...and yes, amazing men's vintage clothes too (hint).  All the displays were to die for.  I wanted to take everything home with me! I was literally a kid in a candy store. The dressing rooms were so adorable too...patterned with different fabrics and newspaper prints.  She cleverly hung wooden picture frames that you could hand your outfits inside of.
Then, when Elsie said hello, I went to talk to her. I told her I've followed her blog for some time now and she was flattered. (I'm sure she gets that a lot.) She introduced me to Emma too! We talked about where I lived and how she liked my harem pants I was wearing. Then, she asked for my e-mail address. Why you may ask? Well, she said that she loved my look and that my hair was cute and she was dying to use me as a model for her clothes and online store stuff!! I was so excited and totally willing to make the trip to have a great time learning from basically my muse and have fun pretty much playing dress up in adorable clothes! 
As I was about to leave, I couldn't walk out the door without trying one of Emma's famous cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe. So my mom and I got two red velvet cupcakes that had a little white chocolate button on the top of the icing. (Sort of forgot to take a picture before we started to eat them...)
Oh! How could I forget... as I was looking around the store, who would walk in but Jeremy Larson, her fiance, and the guy whose concert I would be attending that night. Again, it was just so weird being around these people that I read about everyday. (I read his blog too.) Elsie introduced me and he said he would take a picture with me that night after the concert. It was such a blast meeting them and seeing the store I've wanted to visit for FOREVER!
No, I did not go see Jeremy play in Our Town... He held his album premier ("They Reappear") at the Gillioz Theatre downtown. It was an absolutely beautiful theatre built in the 1920s. This picture does it no justice.
The concert was a live recording of the album and we were hearing it all for the first time. It was absolutely, incredibly beautiful! I cannot wait until it actually comes out so I can hear it all again. Another bonus was that Stacy Dupree (of Eisley) performed a few new songs that were being recorded as well, annnnd Darren King (of Mutemath) played! Bad pictures... I apologize.
After the concert I got picture and talked with Jeremy too! :)
What a perfectly lovely weekend to be had! Elsie came up to me again after the concert and asked again if I was sure I'd like to model for her! I told her absolutely yes! She said she would be in contact soon! I really hope she does use me, it would be so much fun!!!! AHH! Well... I hope you all have an enjoyable spring break 2011... mine started out just marvelously! (P.S. Thanks mom for taking me!)

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  1. Ahhh!!!! Holy cow- how awesome!!! Excited for you!!