March 9, 2011

Darling Dolls: Hipsters, Hair, Harems and Hats

I've decided that I should really be more organized about the way I blog... I'm a very organized person, so I'm surprised I've been so random about how I blog. I think I'm going to call the category of photographs of my fashion finds "Darling Dolls".  I chose this because one, I love the word darling, and two, because if I had the chance to wear all these clothes I would play dress up like a live doll! 
I have a pair of harem pants like these in a different print! (Very in for spring.)
Her cardigan and romper/dress are just perfect. Plus, I'm still in love with those head scarves. 
I wish people actually wore hats like this around campus... because if I had one and people wouldn't look at me like I was nuts... I would totally wear these!
Oh, this too! 
I want her hair. And I like her cape. 
Can more guys dress like this, please? 
I have wanted a leather bag like this for forever. 
Red shoes. Perfection. Plus his coat and scarf are fancy too.
This whole outfit is just so cozy. I love the indian/african prints that are popular for Spring 2011. 

Now, go listen to some Jose Gonzalez and have a lovely afternoon!

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