January 6, 2011

Missing the Rain

Currently listening to: "Same Changes" by the Weepies

I am fully aware that it is not the season for rain, but for some reason I happened upon these amazing photographs of umbrellas. I love it! Let it be known… I absolutely adore rain!! It’s almost better than a sunny day sometimes…okay it is. Unless I want to play outside, but then that just calls for puddle jumping…which involves cute rainboots! I will say though, I cannot stand when it rains while the sun is out.  It ruins a perfectly good rain! I have always wanted a raincoat. But I suppose lovely umbrellas will do for now.


P.S. I hope your New Years was filled with love and friends like mine!


  1. can you please make me a mix of your favorite songs? i feel like you have a spectacular taste in music and i think you should share the love :)

  2. I had absolutely planned on it! :) I'm trying to figure out how to make an actual playlist that I can post on here so you can stream straight from my blog!