May 4, 2011

Darling Dolls: No Rhyme or Reason

I really don't have a specific category for these photos I've chosen this time. I just happen to like a different aspect from them all. Which one is your favorite?
I really love oversized dressed and shirts on small girls.
Splashes of bright color and mixed neons are very in for spring. 
I always love a good all black outfit. 
LOVE the handbag she's carrying. Also, the shoes and pants are lovely!
The pattern play in this outfit with bright colored tights and belt are adorable and chic. 
I happen to like her hair a lot, plus the pleated midi skirt is fantastic with a skinny belt.
This patterned dress is quite lovely, and the wrapped fabric on the heels is interesting too. 

That is all for these lovely ladies! Have a wonderful day!

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