May 22, 2011

A Lovely Thing: Bead4Life

I am a member of MADA (Merchandising and Apparel Design Association) at OSU.  This year our officers chose to help out an organization called Bead4Life.  Basically, there are women in Uganda who are trying to fight their poverty situation by creating beautiful bracelets and selling them for a low price in America. They use recycled paper to make the beads for each bracelet, which also helps with environmental sustainability issues. They also collect shea nuts to make amazing shea butter soaps and lip balms.  Bead4Life provides training for these women to begin their own entrepreneurship endeavors.  Hopefully within 18 months of working with Bead4Life, they can enter the Ugandan economy on their own to support themselves with their business. The women are paid fair trade prices while working with Bead4Life.  I purchased a couple of the bracelets. I chose a turquoise and a red one! They are really unique! Check out their website here and help support these women and their families! 

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