July 9, 2011

Darling Dolls: Pattern Play

Patterns are just so much fun and make any outfit look unique.  I'm seeing lots of African and Indian-ish prints that I loveeee. Of course, everyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for florals too. I won't show you my closet... Anyway, here are some patterns on fabrics that I can't get enough of! Man, working in retail with awesome pieces isn't making me any less of a clothes-lover, or helping my bank account. 
 I like the little pattern on the edges of her sweater. 
 Show me a good scarf and I'm in!
 This dress is magical!
 I'll admit, I really just like how this guy dresses casually, but it had a pattern on it, so I couldn't resist sticking it in here. 
 Yay patterned leggings! (We have floral pants coming into the store for fall... I might die.)
More fun leggings! And paired with a fun geometric top!

Patterns make me more excited for fall!!! 

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