July 31, 2011

Word of the Day: "Ailurophile"

Today's word is appropriately "ailurophile".  It means "cat lover", or "cat fancier".  I, however, am not a fancier of cats, kittens, or things that meow. I don't necessarily have anything against the cat, but I am highly allergic to them. I chose this word for today because I vacuumed lots of cat hair up at work.  At my job in the mornings I sit at a desk in which Feather the cat love to sit upon.  Feather enjoys walking across the keyboard, standing right in front of the computer screen, or sitting atop the printer as I try to retrieve a document.  Feather also enjoys trying to attack my hand with her paw as I move the mouse at my desk. Maybe you are a cat lover, and that is swell, but they make me sneeze and itch.  I feel as though they are extremely high maintenance.  Now I sound like a cat hater, which I am not, they are simply not the pet for me. I hope you've enjoyed another word from the list of "100 most beautiful words in the English language."

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