July 27, 2011

A Lovely Thing: A Scene

There is a fantastic little movie called "Away We Go" directed by Sam Mendes that I adore.  It's just an incredible journey of a couple who is about to have a baby and where they should go with their lives.  I don't feel like revealing more than that because you should just watch the movie.  However, there is an amazing scene in the middle of the movie of the couple and two of their friends they meet up with.  It takes place in a restaurant over a plate of pancakes.  The character Milo gives a noteworthy monologue that is all based around metaphors.  He builds upon a pile of pancakes which represent the foundation of a house.  Next, the toothpicks represent the people in the house, then sugar cubes are the roof over the house, and lastly the maple syrup embodies the underlying love of the household.  The basic message of his whole monologue is, "Love is the glue that holds it all together."  It may not sound epic or as endearing as I felt it to be in writing, but the way Sam Mendes captures the moment is absolutely heartfelt and thoughtful. I could not find a clip of this particular moment, but many claimed it would be a Oscar-worthy scene.  Go watch now!!!  For your pleasure, here is trailer clip of the movie.
P.S. The whole movie's soundtrack is done by Alexi Murdoch. Also a favorite of mine. 

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