June 13, 2012


Guess what! I got a job at Anthropologie this summer.  It's sort of one of those weird dream jobs I've always wanted because I desired to work in my happy place.  I work with some really amazing people and I learn so much each day.  Not to mention I get to people watch a ton and outfit them for some really special occasions in their lives.  I wish I could have my phone with me while I work because I get so inspired by so many things in the store.  So, I'll try to snag a few photos on my breaks. Maybe I'll even tell you what is new in the stores and what I'm loving.  What I'm really loving is my awesome discount! :) ...My bank account does not. Also, today was inventory day. Showed up at work at 5:15...still dark outside. There was a nautical theme in dress as well... we're "sailing through inventory."

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