June 19, 2012

Thoughts From A Cigarette Butt

I feel that so often I don't share my thoughts because I cannot put them rightly into spoken words. So I suppose I'll be a bit vulnerable and share with you some of the things I have written in my journal lately. Some of them may sound stupid to you, or make no sense, or sound ridiculous, but they're my thoughts, nonetheless, take them or leave them. 

There is so much strange beauty in this world that goes so unnoticed.  Last night as I was driving home, the person driving in front of me threw their cigarette butt out of their window.  To my surprise, the way the glowing orange ashes moved across the pavement was oddly beautiful to me.  I feel like we let the worries of our day cloud our vision to these strange gems our soul so longs to seek out.  I feel as though my body, heart, and soul craves and desires so much more than I allow myself to see.  I need to open my eyes to what God places right in front of me.  At times, it's like He's practically screaming, "Look at me! Look at this! I did this FOR YOU."  (Not to say that God wants me to look at a cigarette butt, but the idea of the small beauties surrounding me.) I begin to wonder how many things I have missed.  I know that these creative moments of inspiration are what drive me to press on in the turmoil of daily life.  This is where I find my small purpose.  To grow on that creative spirit.  To take it and run with it in whatever direction God leads me to.  Not listening to what the world says or expects of me.  That's what discourages and hinders these hidden treasures set before me by the Maker. 

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